Revolving Loan Programs

SMFA administers eight comprehensive financial programs to meet the diverse needs of local business. The corporation makes direct loans with federal, state and local funds, and works closely with all financial institutions in York County, as well as other local, regional, state and federal economic development organizations.

Eligible applicants include:

  • Industrial and Manufacturing firms;
  • Wholesale and Distribution Companies; and
  • Commercial Enterprises that create or retain jobs.

Eligible project costs include:

  • Site purchases and development, and new construction and/or rehabilitation of existing buildings by eligible companies with substantial owner occupancy or with lease commitments from qualified eligible companies;
  • Machinery and equipment acquisition and/or installation; and
  • Working capital.

"SMFA urged us to think bigger than we were. We are really excited about the potential for our business and to be able to do what we love, right here in Maine."

Derek Bedford

Possum Hollow Farm Soaps

"I approached SMFA for a loan and they worked with me to find exactly the right combination of funding sources to provide my company with the money it needed, at the right rate, in a timely manner."

Mike St. Pierre

Hyperlite Mountain Gear